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Simple Online Standards - Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®, Inc.
A Professional Standards Tool
for REALTOR® Associations
Save Time & Money
The Process
  • Many Professional Standards staff understands the effort that is put into contacting members whose daily work takes them away from an office and a computer. Through S.O.S., staff is able to get complete forms every time. No more calling parties because they didn’t add the Respondent’s name or file against an Article of the Code of Ethics. No more waiting for return phone calls and educating members on the phone when they call you back. No more passing things along to the Grievance Committee to review the forms and recommend changes.

    PS staff becomes more efficient by publishing the documents such as flow charts, the Code of Ethics and other information you frequently send to parties.

    S.O.S. is a product of Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® (MORe), a local REALTOR® Association located in Downers Grove, Illinois. MORe’s Department of Professional and Ethical Practices services two additional local REALTOR® Associations’ professional standards files. Its unique position in processing over 180 files per year and maintaining approximately 40 open cases at a time, lends itself to find efficient tools and resources.

    S.O.S. assists in maximizing the use of staff time and allows them to focus on the department’s core goals. The program is designed to cut down hard costs, like postage, to both the Department and members/consumers.

  • "SOS has been a great tool to help manage the flow of cases so much better. Cases are now filed electronically, allowing the ability to upload supporting documentation as well. It helps the end-user walk through the filing process with the result being clearer, more organized case filings. SOS has definitely saved our Association time and money."

    Amanda Withrow
    Senior Director, Standards and Dispute Resolution
    Chicago Association of REALTORS®

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  • Set-Up Cost: $750 (one-time)Tiered Pricing by Association Size:
    0-12,000 members - $250/month
    12-20,000 members - $350/month
    20,000+ members - $450/month

    No Long-Term Contract

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

More About S.O.S.

S.O.S. has saved MORe staff approximately 5 hours per professional standards file. In 2007, MORe staff was spending a vast amount of time assisting consumers and members file their complaint. In an age where everything was popping up online, MORe developed S.O.S. to allow complaints to be filed online.

The online system combines all supporting documents into one PDF, eliminating piecemeal information sent from a variety of sources, via fax, e-mail, FedEx etc., and eliminated forms that were not filled out correctly. Staff was also finding that they were spending large amounts of time on the phone explaining the process in addition to all of the necessary calls that needed to be made to parties.

After implementation, MORe staff found that the process was quick to file and therefore quick to start. By generating the information through the S.O.S. system, staff saved time in getting the information and controlling the content (no more printing every fax/e-mail/letter to scan it in as one document). Staff also found that they were able to direct members and consumers online where their questions could be answered at their convenience. The Grievance Committee became more efficient in its review of complaints and was focused on the allegations instead of the forms.

What could your staff do with extra time?

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